Kia "The All New 2017 Turbo Soul" Commercial



In the new Kia Commercial "The All New 2017 Turbo Soul", Kia creates a fun, thrilling commercial taking place in a hospital. The commercial starts off with a baby nurse realizing that a new baby named "turbo" is missing. It then reveals that the baby is actually a hamster who can run very fast, creating a mess along the way jumping and running over things. As the nurses and security staff chase the hamster, the baby eventually makes it to the roof where he jumps off with a blanket in hand. He floats down perfectly, landing into his family's new 2017 Kia Turbo Soul. Then it" advertises many of the key features of the new vehicle including Android Auto, the turbo and Kia signage, and navigation. The closing remarks of the commercial are "It's Arrived, the Turbo Soul". Kia has created a exciting and unique commercial that perfectly advertises the main feature of the new 2017 Kia Turbo Soul: the turbo.