Kia Flies High with New Optima Ad





Top Gun is a pretty legendary movie. It might not have been Best Picture material, but it is certainly quotable, and everyone who has seen it remembers something from it. We think the minds behind Kia's new ad with Blake Griffin must have been in the danger zone, because they came up with something that takes our breath away.

With Blake Griffin starring in the Optima once more, this one touts the vehicle style with some nice exterior shots, but also the turbocharged engine available, which will certainly make it seem like you're in a fighter jet cruising through Granbury, TX with lots of swagger, kind of like Maverick, you know?

It's another fun way Kia is promoting the Optima, which is a fun car to drive, just like all other new Kia vehicles, so stop in to Van Griffith Kia today!